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Planting Butterfly Gardens-Why and How

By Robbi Drake
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Life, as we know it today, would not exist were it not for insects.


Butterflies, as much as many of us don’t want to admit it, are insects. Insects and birds can do some things that are less than positive, but they can also give us many things that we don’t think about.

How Do Birds and Insects Help Us Live?


Ruddy Copper Butterfly

Ruddy Copper Butterfly


They pollinate our plants and trees, helping us to eat. They carry seeds for many miles, repopulating the trees and plants.Butterflies and other insects, and even some birds are a little more fragile, and are now being placed in a more precarious situation than ever before.

What Is Causing the Problem?

Like many of the other insects, butterflies are subject to the same kinds of problems that other insects have when the environment undergoes a radical change of some type. That change has taken place with the loss of some of their food stock plants and nesting areas.

One such plant is butterfly milkweed. The milkweed plants are being destroyed as man needs more room to grow. Butterflies of all types rely on the butterfly milkweed for having their young and for food.

Is Butterfly Milkweed Rare?

The answer is… yes and no.

Butterfly milkweed grows in every single state in the United States, with just three or four exceptions, but due to some habitat loss, that butterfly milkweed is becoming scarcer and is actually listed as rare or endangered in some states.

What Do We Do?

You can help to replace it by planting a butterfly garden.

Planting a butterfly garden means that you’re going to have to give up some of the more cultivated areas, and plant some native plants that butterflies like and are at ease with.

Planting a bird and butterfly garden will have some far reaching effects. You will be able to view one of natures most beautiful creatures. Along the way you’re helping to heal the earth and adding to the native plants that should be growing already in your area. Native planting is good for everyone, people, as well as insects and animals.